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Today's Human Resource Professional is tasked with a much greater, farther reaching role than the HR professional of just a few years ago.  It has been said that the HR professional duties have increased ten fold over the past ten years. These new responsibilities rarely come with additional resources, namely time.  HR professionals are many times left feeling, at the very least, overwhelmed and pressured to be an expert at everything.

"Risk" is a broad term and encompasses a lot of areas, especially in today's world.  Risk can include threats coming from inside or outside your company, targeting your employees, assets and proprietary information.  Risk can also appear through employee behavior, misconduct, theft, safety operation, training or procedural issues.  As we all know too well, risk can also rise from external sources such as customers, family members of employees or some unknown member of the public.  Fortunately for you, determining the type, severity, impact and measures for avoidance is what we do.

We at Paul McCaghren and Associates help relieve some of the burden and challenges associated with managing your specific areas of risk.  We have over 40 years' experience providing support to businesses both small and large assessing problems and working together to formulate the means that bring about successful outcomes for your company.

Contact us to help manage your daily risks, whether they be physical security, executive protection, internal investigations or vetting business relationships. We can provide you the extra freedom so you can focus on your company's growth and HR's core mission.
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